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Put Bento To Work For You

Your goal is to make others’ lives easier. You’re all about gaining efficiencies in processes and procedures to support product deployments. Consolidating your expense management technology stack with Bento helps you focus on getting products to market on time and on budget.

Your company’s revenue forecasts depend on you delivering your product on time and within budget.

Understand Financial Impacts

With the Bento Financial Operating Platform, you’ll see immediate results of your product team’s spending on your budget to help inform your strategic planning.

Simplify Processes

You need to get products to market faster at less cost. Bento saves you hours in budget forecast preparation, freeing up time so you can focus on driving product development.

Finish Products within Budget

Bento helps align operational tactics with financial plans to reduce planning cycles, get real-time accurate reports, and make informed budgeting decisions.

Customer Review

“Bento has provided our company with an easier way of providing petty cash to our employees. They have created an easier way to track spending, reload our managers with funds upon their needs and their online and phone apps are incredibly easy to use!”

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How will you use your Bento Cards?

Manage Cash Flow

Bento’s spending and expense management solution will help you analyze finances, manage cashflow, and identify working capital.

Control Budgets and Ongoing Expenses

Bento’s real-time accounting and spend reporting ensures that you will be able to see the financial state of your business at a glance and improve your budget planning process.

Provide Strategic Direction

Bento helps you track the movement of cash in your business and provides decision makers and managers with better information for strategic planning.

Improve Forecasting and Planning

Develop budget and forecasts from accurate, up-to-the-minute visibility into your spend and expense metrics.

Ensure Accuracy of Reporting

With Bento you can trust the accuracy of your financial reports and protect your business resources.

Improve Operational Efficiency

With accurate expense management in place, you can focus on operational cost and time savings to get your products to market faster.

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