Departments & Users

Team Level Control Over Your Cards

Admins and business owners can group Bento cards into departments and assign department leads to manage their team’s cards. Full-access admins and business owners still retain complete control over all aspects of the account, including departments, while department leads have access only to the cards and transactions in their own department.

Create Departments

Manage Cards and Transactions


Create Departments

Spend less time sorting through your cards.

Delegate expense management to department leads.

Leave day-to-day management of team spending to managers you trust. When you create a new card or edit an existing card in the Cards tab, you have the option to assign a department to each card.

  • Easy categorization
  • Set up departments in your dashboard
  • Each card can only belong to one department

Manage Cards and Transactions

Assign a department lead with responsibility for managing department-level expenses. There can only be one department lead for each department. Only employees with employee cards can become department leads.

Filter Cards by Department

Business owners and admins with permission access are able to filter and export their transactions by departments. Simply navigate to the Transactions page and toggle the Filter options on the left side of the screen.

  • Assign department leads to manage transactions
  • Single dashboard for department lead
  • Simple navigation to the Transactions page


Bento provides additional settings to make the Department feature safe and flexible.

Bento Gives You Expense Management Flexibility

At any time, the access permission of a department lead can be toggled between Full Access and View Only. It’s your choice to authorize a department lead who can adjust the card limits and transaction information in their department, or only allow them to view cards and download transactions.

  • Flexible control of employees and expenses
  • Filter and export transactions by department
  • Easy toggle access between options

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