Corporate Cards

Supercharge Your Business with Bento All-In-One Corporate Cards

An all-in-one corporate card helps reduce overhead and administration by eliminating the need for multiple types of cards, such as p-cards, fuel cards, or travel and expense cards. When using Bento’s all-in-one card, companies can create profiles for every employee that sets controls for how they will use their card.

The Power of Debit Cards

How Bento Cards Work

Payments Without Headaches

The Power of Debit Cards

Do you struggle with managing your company or department accounts?

The Bento Business Debit Card Helps You Stick to Your Budget

Bento corporate cards are debit cards not credit cards. Debit cards free you to focus on building your business, without having to worry about annual and late fees, or extra charges. Debit cards are generally accepted everywhere and incur no interest fees and no unexpected charges. Unlike prepaid cards, where funds are loaded onto the card, Bento corporate cards are associated with your privately held, secure bank account and authorized to spend up to the specific amount you determine during set up and maintenance.

  • No extra fees
  • Funds are secure even if you lose your card
  • Spend only what you have

How Bento Corporate Cards Work

Do you spend too much time dealing with expense management and no time on spend management?

Easy to Setup. Easy to Use.

Control where, when, and how much employees can spend with your Bento for Business Visa® Debit Cards. All features are easy to manage online with no need for manual reloading.

  • Simple online sign-up
  • Choose ACH or wire options
  • Order and activate cards

Like cash without the headaches

Do you struggle with managing cash flow or keeping your books up-to-date?

Bento Helps You Focus on Running Your Business

Distribute your Bento cards to staff and contractors or use as utility cards for any team to manage projects or business expenses.

  • Order new cards in seconds – cards can be switched on or off with a single click
  • No credit checks required or impact to the owner’s personal credit
  • Automate expense authorizations – unauthorized transactions are declined instantly

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