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You have high expectations for your company’s success. Whether your responsibilities are managing finances for your business, department, or workgroup, expense management is time consuming and challenging. Bento helps you focus on delivering results.

Your goal is to create and sustain a successful business. You’re responsible for its financial health. You need a financial operating platform that helps you keep tabs on your spending so you can better manage your cashflow and plan for investments and other financial obligations.


The Bento financial operating platform allows you to control your spending before it happens so you can fully understand your working capital cycle and plan for the future.


With Bento you can monitor your cash flow up to the minute, avoid surprises from fraud or lack of funds, and understand the best operation strategies to take.


Bento helps you take stock of your finances, so you’re prepared for the challenges of delivering resources and growing your business.

Bento Customer Spotlight

Santa Cruz Deliveries

How will you use Bento?

Here are some popular ways

Gas or Fuel Cards

Track & control fuel-only purchases; assign one card per vehicle.

Employee Cards

Give each employee a Bento card to track expenses & get alerts.

Project Cards

Assign a card for each project, supervisor, or area

Virtual Cards

Instantly create cards for one-off purchases, subscriptions, vendor payments, etc. (Available upon request)

Expense Cards

Control how much you spend on office supplies, subscriptions, etc.

Petty Cash Cards

Stop expense leaks caused by hard-to-track cash

Customer Review

We wanted a solution for our construction crew when they were out of town on projects. These cards worked great! They all used the mobile app to upload receipts as they made purchases, so there was no ‘nagging or chasing’ that needed to be done by the accounting department. And these funds are separate so in the event, someone lost a card, there would be minimal damage to the company’s finances.


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