Bento Pay

Transfer funds in seconds instead days.

Your work doesn’t pause. You don’t have time to monitor every small purchase to keep your operations moving. When you need to send someone out for a last-minute supply run or pay a vendor, Bento Pay allows you to make quick electronic fund transfers so you can focus on growing your business.

Multiple Ways To Pay

Easy to Schedule

Multiple Ways to Pay

With Bento, you have flexibility with making instant payments.

You’re in Control With Bento

You can process your instant payments using any of Bento’s options: your business debit card, virtual card, or by setting up a ghost card.

  • Transactions made in real time, 24/7/365
  • Eliminate bank transfer transaction fees
  • The payee receives funds within seconds

Easy to Schedule

Bento gives you straightforward digital account management.

Schedule Payments Directly From your Bento Account

With Bento, you have the option of making an immediate payment or scheduling single or recurring payments on whatever schedule you require on the dates you choose.

  • Get email reminders and automated receipts
  • Deliver instant value
  • Boost payment efficiency

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