Whether your employees spend a few hundred dollars a month in gas and travel fees or your business processes thousands of dollars a day in employee spending, controlling and keeping track of these expenses is no easy task. Expense reporting and reimbursement forms are a pain, and unfortunately, falsifying travel expenses and other spending is far more common than you might realize. This creates an important challenge for businesses, but there’s a simple solution: the reloadable debit card for business.

The power of a reloadable debit card for business

A business reloadable debit card is, as the name suggests, a refillable debit card for business use that ties into a designated bank account to provide easy and secure access to expense funds. With Bento for Business, one of the most trusted and highly rated business cards, small business owners gain access to a wealth of tools for monitoring spending, streamlining accounting and preventing fraud. Best of all, since business reloadable debit cards rely on prepaid funds rather than credit, there’s no risk of endangering your credit standing or racking up bills you can’t afford to pay.

Managing employee expenses

Of course, one of the greatest appeals of a refillable debit card for business is the ability to manage and control employee expenses. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways, from setting overall daily or weekly spending limits to specifying when and where your employees can use their reloadable debit card for business. The ability to assign expense categories means that you can limit purchases to only those categories directly related to an employee’s job, such as gas for employees who travel frequently or office supplies for office managers. This fine-grained control makes a reloadable debit card for business a great choice for limiting frivolous or unnecessary spending without unduly limiting employees.

The Bento prepaid card

There are several options to choose from when it comes to a reloadable debit card for business, but Bento goes the extra mile to deliver a powerful, affordable platform that’s easy to use for both business owners and employees. Business owners can set detailed spending controls, see all employee transactions in real time and even connect Bento to QuickBooks Online for even easier expense reporting and management. Employees benefit, too, with unfettered access to the funds they need to complete their work, immediate expense reporting with no reimbursement or reporting forms and the ability to capture receipts with a smartphone camera.

Finding a quality refillable debit card for business doesn’t need to be a difficult task. The Bento reloadable debit card for business offers all the features you and your employees need to stay on top of spending and expense reporting, and thanks to comprehensive FDIC insurance and the ability to enable and disable cards instantly, you can trust that your money is safe. To give Bento for Business a try, call 866.220.8455 or fill out our form to get started with a free 60-day trial. You’ll be glad you did!

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