Analytics and Reports

Transaction Reports and Statements

View expense reports in real-time, incorporate routine expense report audits, and receive monthly statements to ensure accuracy.




Report, Audit, and Enforce with Ease

Gain better cash control and save time comparing payments and deposits.

Automated Monthly Statements

With Bento, you get accessible, automated expense reporting. You can set custom tags for easy bookkeeping and view your expense reports all in one place, sorted in any way you like.

  • Prompt expense reconciliation
  • Eliminate the need for reimbursements
  • Ensure accurate budget forecasting


Bento makes bill payment hassle free without the worry of paper invoices and checks.

Bento Gives You the Convenience of Electronic Payments

No need to order new checks, go to the bank, or buy postage. ACH can be set up and managed directly through Bento’s management console.

  • No more trips to the bank
  • Funds are transferred electronically
  • Managed via desktop or mobile platform

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